Usually, I don’t like to go too heavy on the Photoshopping, but today I felt like having a play with some grading techniques. The starting point was to convert some older images into grayscale, then convert them to Duotone with a blue tint.

Next I converted the duotone back to RGB, duplicated the layer, and dropped the saturation of the bottom layer, and bumped up the contrast using either the Levels or Color Curve tools. The blue duotoned top layer generally was set to ‘Overlay’ layer mode, then duplicated this again to create a 3rd top layer. I just switched between different layer modes, generally either another ‘overlay’ or ‘soft light’ and adjusted the layer’s opacity.

Once happy with the look, I flattened the layers and added some Smart Sharpen, one of my recent discoveries and a nice little tool!

It’s interesting giving new life to photos which I’ve previously tweaked only slightly, and makes me realise yet again the benefits of working with RAW files to bring back extra detail and contrast that would otherwise be lost forever.

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~ by fmvt on June 24, 2012.

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