Toy Lenses vs Photoshop

I got a bee in my bonnet this week about whether or not to buy a LensBaby lens, having already ordered a Holga toy lens for my DSLR. I do like the idea of having ‘fun’ with my camera, and trying these different effects, but at the same time I am slightly torn about whether to spend the money for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is money, I can spend £160-£200 on a Lensbaby lens, or put the money towards my next Canon lens purchase, which I am hoping will be my first ‘L’ series.

The second reason is the Photoshop question so many people seem to debate. Why not just apply similar effects afterwards? I have seen a few comments online argueing that to Photoshop misses the point of these type of ‘toy’ lenses, that it’s all about having more fun taking the pictures and being forced to look at things differently. Also a lot of people talk of post-processing on a computer as some kind of ‘chore’ or waste of their time. I can totally see these points, and appreciate them fully.

But, to me this implies that Photoshop is no fun. Personally I have used Photoshop for years, both for fun & as part of my job. Also, I am not the most decisive person in the world and I like to be able to change my mind after the moment has passed, so I thought I would run a couple of really quick tests in Photoshop to see how people felt about the results.

All these images were edited in under 5 minutes (would be faster if my computer was up to dealing with RAW files better!) and I tried to choose a few pictures which I consider to maybe be ‘not my best’ and see what new life I could bring to them.

One day I will probably buy a Lensbaby, as it is always fun to have new kit to play with, but for now I am trying to save my pennies for other things.

There are also a few more of these ‘experiments’ in my 500px gallery here:

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~ by fmvt on July 20, 2012.

One Response to “Toy Lenses vs Photoshop”

  1. Hey Finchertrist,
    Speaking of which There’s the terminology that an individual has to be informed about to start with when confronted with Canon lenses. Some of the terminology is unique to Canon. Other camera manufacturers have their own as well. Canon and Nikon are the most desired camera makes. Lenses can be categorized as either prime or zoom lenses. Prime lenses contain a fixed focal length. Zoom lenses have a variable focal length. The quality of photos you would like and your budget determines the types of lenses you will buy.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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