Animal Magic

I’ve been thinking lately about a lot of my recent photography experiences, and realised I have done a lot of architecture, a lot of flowers, and quite a bit of abstract/texture kind of shots. Nothing wrong with that in my book but today I had the itch to try something different, and took myself less than a mile up the road to my local zoo, Bristol Zoo.

I have had the usual moral dilemma over zoo visits at times, I admit, but as I hear a lot of good things about this one, I am trying to shift my ways of thinking to one of trying to support the brilliant people who run this place, and look after these amazing animals.

On previous visits, the resident lion is one who sticks in my mind. I can’t help feel a tinge of sadness when I see him in his enclosure, but then maybe he is happy, as that is all he has ever known? One way or the other, I now have a different take on this which is to try photograph him in all his glory, and show people what an amazing creature he really is. The alternative is to simply ignore him, which in my book seems even sadder.

Photographing animals isn’t something I have done much of, so it is exciting to set myself a new little venture. I know the zoo is very different from catching animals in their natural habitat, but it’s a helpful starting point. It’s a good reminder of how many different slants there are on the world of photography, each one presenting a very different approach, and set of skills and decision making when it comes to camera settings and lense choices etc.

Above all else, it was a really good feeling to be close up to these creatures today, and also see the joy that they bring to so many other people.

I have started a new set on my 500px gallery in their honour, I hope to fill this up more very soon 🙂

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~ by fmvt on July 25, 2012.

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