Holga Toy Lens – Part 1

Recently I heard about various ‘toy’ lenses that are now available for DSLR’s. My curiousity got the better of me, and I quickly purchased a Holga toy lens for my Canon 600D.

Before giving it a proper run, I did a few tests in Photoshop as a bit of a comparison…ie: did I actually need to buy more lenses, as cheap as they are? I wrote a small piece about this in an earlier entry on my blog if you are interested. For anyone thinking of buying one of these, I have to state that you will NOT get sharp images, as the lens is made from plastic, as in a real toy camera. I am starting to appreciate however that there is a difference between a ‘soft’ image, and an ‘out of focus’ one.

Some weeks later, today was a beautiful sunny day, and bearing in mind advice I’d read about these lenses performing best in bright light, I decided to take it out for a spin.

Yes, it needs light, lots of it, and the basic ‘focus’ modes take a bit of getting used to. I’m not yet convinced as to how different each of these are. I’m not trying to write a technical description of the lens here, so apologies if the information seems vague, I will presume anyone reading either knows these lenses, or will do their own homework on the full specs if need be.

The main thing I quickly was aware of is how differently it made me look for shots. I took on board some suggestions I’d read, and searched for some photographs taken by others, and realise that certain subjects suit this type of photography more than others. It is definately more suited to ‘old-fashioned’ subjects in my opinion, and also quite enjoyed it for closeup abstract ‘street’ type details. Another fun thing to try is making the most of the interesting lens flares you can get, when shooting subjects against the sun.

Today was just Day One with this little toy, but I am looking forward to playing some more. The images here have been ever so slightly graded I must add, but I am reluctant to push this too far as it kind of seems to take away from the nature of the lens and its purpose in life.

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~ by fmvt on August 19, 2012.

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