Walks with Old Lenses – Episode 1







This is the first of a series of ‘test walks’, the aim being to try out some old FD mount lenses that I have, attached to my Canon 600D DSLR, using an adaptor which I purchased on eBay for about £28. I have had these lenses for a while now, some since I was a teenager, but have been wondering whether to sell some of them on. I thought I should give them a bit more of a chance though, before deciding.

The images on this post are all taken with a Canon 35-105mm FD f3.5 Macro lens. If I remember correctly, I bought it a year or so ago, from a local camera store, and paid no more than about £20 for it. For that kind of price, I thought it was worth the risk.

I’m pleasantly surprised by some of the results for a quick test run. All handheld, and of course full manual mode is compulsory with this approach of mixing old with new. I quite like that though, as it makes me ‘think’ more about what I want to shoot.

I like to think there is a touch of retro to the results. Focusing is quite ‘soft’, but not too much so. Nothing that can’t be enhanced slightly afterwards. All of the above have, I admit, had a bit of post-processing applied, but generally nothing too drastic. All are originally from RAW files.

Looking forward to the next chance I get, to take another lucky old lens for a wander…Episode 2 coming soon! 🙂

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~ by fmvt on April 14, 2013.

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