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Recently, I had to accept that right now is not a good time to get myself a puppy or a kitten. But having been brought up with animals in my life one way or the other, I realised that at the very least I could make the most of the little bit of wild life I have going on in my back garden. So I started buying different types of bird food, and a few bird feeders. As my garden sadly lacks the presence of trees, I resorted to hanging feeders from the back railings, and placing some on the wall. After a little while I happily noticed some of the food levels were going down. Initially I was aware of a Robin, and a Blackbird family, which were obviously nesting in the overgrown ivy bush near my ‘feeding wall’.

As the year has progressed, there were signs of nesting activity, and the sound of little ‘cheeps’ in the bushes. Currently, the baby blackbird is starting to venture out, and is being very closely guarded by ‘dad’. Very sweet watching the pair of them together, and baby mimicking dad’s feeding actions etc.

In the mean time, I wasn’t sure who was eating the peanuts. Now I know exactly who….the local mice! I know they are a pest, but they are so cute! And I figure as long as they are fed in the garden, maybe they will stay out of my kitchen! I do love they way they peep over the wall to check for danger, before boldly stepping out and having a little feast. The biggest guzzlers though are a pair of very fat wood pigeons, I need a bird table! And a tree.

I decided to start a little photo project of the goings on in the garden, oh and the local stray cat adds yet another complication to the whole scenario!

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