Petrified Forest, Cape Bridgewater

10,000 year old ‘Petrified Forest’ near Cape Bridgewater, Victoria, Australia. For more historical info see here:

and also here:,_Victoria

My images focus on what isn’t particularly well advertised in the tourist brochures, the surrounding wind farm which dwarfs the natural feature itself. Trying to take photographs of the ancient rock formations in the landscape is somewhat challenging, if you don’t want a series of enormous man-made wind turbines in the background that is.

Shameful that the Victorian Government should be allowed to make such a huge planning mistake, I’m not sure what they were thinking. They should be embarassed. Australia is home to some of the world’s most unspoiled natural beauty…sadly this doesn’t seem to apply in some areas of the coastline. In my humble opinion it just beggars belief…see for yourself and of course make up your own mind. I realize some people are fascinated by wind turbines & find them lovely to look at, but really, in a setting like this? Disgusting. SHAMEFUL!!!

The road leading to the Petrified Forest…


One of just a few wind turbine free pictures, the start of the path into the forest…


And another, looking out to sea with the wind farm behind us…


And how I wish more of my photos had turned out…


Sadly,however, the towers lurk eerily behind the majority of the natural rocky features, along the entire length of the walk through the park. I guess they could always be Photoshopped out later…hmmm…





IMG_0807_edited1200_BW added

Something a bit ironic about some of the warning signs placed around the sight…protected from what exactly? Obviously not modern technology and industry giants claiming to be ‘looking after the environment’…


To give an idea of scale, some of the turbines are very close to the road edge, and also the visitors car park…a typical motor home looks more like a toy car next to one of these towers…


A wider view of the visitor’s car park…


And another tower right up near the roadside approach…


Another size comparison, here is one of the nearby towers alongside a traditional farmyard windmill…a common and very iconic symbol of much Australian landscape imagery…


Down near the beachside at Cape Bridgewater nearby was this prominent signpost. Shame the local Council can’t practice what it preaches…


An area full of even more natural beauty such as a seal colony, blow holes, freshwater lakes has been trashed and littered by many more wind turbines, which in my view is absolutely tragic and should never have been allowed to happen. The wind industry may have some value on this planet, I’m undecided, but in a country the size of Australia, surely they should at least be making better choices about the placement of these enormous and imposing structures, not just around special & supposedly treasured tourist spots, but also the proximity to residential homes. HOW CAN THIS BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN??

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