Abandoning a Dream

In 2008, I visited my Mum’s new dream home in the country for the very first time. A beautiful little house, standing proudly on its own, near Cape Bridgewater in Victoria, Australia. Built by Irish settlers, now Heritage listed, it is a solid little house, built to last, and importantly, strong enough to withstand the savage winds that often hit this part of the coastline.

On my first visit, I was very excited by the surroundings, and had never been anywhere quite like it. And now it was my Mum’s home. A whole new world was waiting to be explored and enjoyed by us as a family.

Below are some first impressions of the house, the landscape, the wildlife around it. And below these I will include the important point of this post.

























Now, in 2015, my Mum is faced with the very sad prospect of having to abandon her home.

This may sound surprising to some, but the reason for this is due to the effect on her health and lifestyle, courtesy of a wind farm which was erected next door, after she bought the house.

Initially it was purely the visual impact that was so upsetting. This stunning piece of coastline now contained a new 29 tower wind facility, operated by Pacific Hydro. Towers that are approximately 120 meters tall, and the nearest one being situated 620 meters from my mother’s home.

She was made aware of the possibility of some wind turbines being built nearby, but her shock when she first saw them was pretty harsh. She had not yet moved into the property whilst the facility was being constructed, and had arrived after a long drive from Queensland to be greeted by them lining the horizon behind her new home.

The close proximity of these towers has effected her far more than just the visual impact however. Her health began to deteriorate and she experienced new sensations she had never felt before. We didn’t know it at the beginning of course, but what she has been suffering from is most likely the effects of the infra sound generated by the towers.

A study by an acoustics expert, Mr Steven Cooper, has recently been published. He worked with Pacific Hydro to perform the testing, and has been described by some as ‘ground-breaking’. The results can be viewed here:


So whilst some will argue there is still insufficient evidence that people are being physically effected by wind ‘factories’, the fact of the matter is that my mother, as well as other neighbors of these structures, is faced with the idea of simply abandoning her home. She feels the property is now ‘worthless’ and unless something is done by the owners of the wind facility, she may simply have to leave the property to stand empty, as some other families have already done.

As well as the health impacts, when the sun shines at a particular angle, the blades on the turbines cast enormous flickering shadows across the landscape. They are noisy, often squeaking and loudly whooshing. They operate 24 hours a day most of the time, except of course when there is no wind, which isn’t very often in this area, being so close to the coast.

Below are some images of the reality of her situation, and to illustrate the proximity and scale of this industrial neighbor that may drive her away from a dream.












IMG_0807_edited1200_BW added


The last couple of images are from the nearby ‘Petrified Forest’, I have written another blog about that, and how it has been surrounded by turbines, please feel free to take a look:


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25 Responses to “Abandoning a Dream”

  1. Abandoning a dream, is absolutely heartbreaking….

    Fincher the images above are beautiful and this tragedy and the impacts to your family and most of the community at Cape Bridgewater are horrific.

    You may like to mention the proximity of the house to the high tensile wires and power poles that transfer the electricity to and from the wind farm.

    Many of us living too close to wind farms believe we are impacted by the emf’s, the electro magnetic frequency emitted by the generation of electricity too close to our homes. To my knowledge this has not been investigated thoroughly, if at all.

    The Cape was deemed ‘too fragile’ and of huge significance and beauty, for wind turbines to be erected, yet the Planning Minister at the time went ahead and approved the project…. without even visiting the area and seeing how fragile and beautiful the three Capes were. Cape Bridgewater, Cape Nelson and Cape Sir William Grant have been desecrated by the implantation of useless turbines.

    The human cost and impacts to flora and fauna are not correctly assessed during or after the planning and construction phases and for the sake of healthy rural communities that must change. We can’t live under the conditions being imposed on us while health continues to deteriorate and the mental, physical and emotional cost of abandoning our homes is awful and immeasurable. Pacific Hydro and the Government do nothing.

    Thanks Fincher for sharing. I look at these images and shake my head and wonder how can they keep doing this destruction to communities and families all over the world.

    • Thank you Melissa for your important comments. As one of the nearby residents who has taken your family and run, you are far more articulate and qualified than me in describing some of the ‘details’ regarding this situation. I think the fact you have had to relocate to Geelong with your partner and young son is simply unacceptable. To have to re-school a young boy at such an important phase of his life because of a wind farm is simply unacceptable, and yet no one seems to notice or care, let alone do something to fix the situation. Too many family are being torn apart, fractured, damaged, hurt by this ridiculous obsession with wind turbines being the answer to all our prayers. The people backing them believe they are doing good, but the reality is they are also causing a shocking amount of harm to some people. Not everyone I admit, but still a LOT of people. People who opted for a simple life in the country, earning their keep and minding their own business, are now being driven away from this basic request, by this industrial takeover. And meanwhile, the environmental fanatics who dwell in the cities just pat themselves on the back and live with a clearer conscience. This surely cannot be allowed to continue?

  2. I live on the opposite side of the world, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada, and we have had a long fight against the Industrial Wind complex on McLean’s Mountain (part of the Niagara Escarpment). We lost as well, and I just wanted to send a note in solidarity. My main issue with IWTs is not even the aesthetics (enormous) or the potential health problems (obviously real), but the fact that they are economically unfeasible. I wish you all the best.

    • Willa Wilson, thank you for reading my post, and for commenting. Your point about the economic unfeasibility is a very crucial one, and I am very grateful you made it. The bottom line is, these things do not do anywhere as much good as most people have been brainwashed into believing. Many people think this is all about a few nimby’s and whingers who ‘think’ they are suffering. Whilst I believe these people ARE suffering, what makes it even worse is that the benefits of these wind facilities are MASSIVELY overrated, yet they continue to sprout like massive rash across the planet. In the process of doing so, they are also ripping apart rural communities, and breaking up family homes. It is pure MADNESS and a form a torture for many…and for VERY little benefit to anyone.

  3. What a wonderful site in support of a women/mother who is suffering a great deal. The pain suffered by just one is one too many. Especially when it could have been avoided.
    The pain to the environment is also something which could have been avoided.
    Cape Bridgewater was a place I loved to take a detour through – but no longer. Like you on my last visit I was unable to take a photograph of the Petrified Forest without a monster constructed of steel overshadowing natural beauty.
    I drove along the once idyllic access road to the Lakes to be confronted by these massive intrusive and dangerous monoliths that have taken over the vista of an otherwise unspoiled area of coastline.
    No longer can I enjoy this vista and no longer can I recommend it to anyone wanting to visit an unspoilt area of this country.
    Photographs in your file under Cape Bridgewater are remarkably accurate and people assessing these projects of disaster should be made aware of them as they depict the truth of the intrusion, unlike those take and manipulated by paid ‘experts’ who provide companies with Visual Amenity reports in support of their applications.
    Those sitting in their city apartments or homes feeling smug at their ability to destroy the environment – while pretending to save it – should trek out to places like Cape Bridgewater and see the damage being done, they should also speak to people like your mother, and visit the places those so desperately impacted live or used to live. Will they be so smug after – some yes because they are incapable of accepting the truth, but others will come to accept they have been affected by the ‘placebo’ of being told they will feel good if they support this futile but dangerous industry.
    Thank you for your efforts to emphasise the pain and pictorially show the devastation being inflicted.

  4. A few of comments. if you check around the base of the turbines you might find dead and/or injured birds. these turbines are notorious for such destruction. http://savetheeaglesinternational.org/ Further there is a book written by Dr Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD “Wind Turbine Syndrome” (http://tinyurl.com/o868kqz). There are countless references in this book to infrasound health impacts. It’s worth a read. Another great book to read on this issue is written by Dr John Etherington (former editor of Journal of Ecology, Medal winner Royal college of Science), “The Wind Farm Scam” (http://tinyurl.com/kqyrtw7). Further, as an electrical engineer I know that these monstrosities are inefficient, costly, and not baseload or load following. In short they are useless and will not change the climate which is the stated aim of ‘renewable’ energy.

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  6. This is what happened to me and my Family and friends in the Town of Waterloo south Australia after they build 37 @ 3MW turbines near by. It should NOT be a laud to happen any where.

    • So sorry to hear yet another story of the wind industry ruining your lives. It’s disgusting, appauling, shocking, simply despicable and UNACCEPTABLE 😦 Thank you for viewing my blog and commenting…

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  8. This is an absolutely DISGRACEFUL set of circumstances! May I suggest you forward this – if not already done – to radio talk-back host , ALAN JONES. He is fighting the good fight against these abominable, and ultimately useless, pieces of equipment.

  9. No one should ever live near these monsters, they are always going to have an effect on human health.

  10. i know the feeling… i too had to leave my dreams behind… And life will never be as good as it was before that damn turbine went up…now Im old , displaced and cant afford to retire and have no hope for a decent out. This has killed mine and my husbands souls. We live…but that is about it … because now we also hate and never did before this.
    there will be no help either.. its all about money…. the world is f…ed up

    • Sue, thank you so much for your comments. But how utterly saddened I am by them. When you say you hate and never before did before this…makes me want to cry, actually does make me cry. This has made me realize my own new found and unwelcome ability to hate, and to feel such ANGER. I am so sorry to hear of your situation, and of the equal destruction of souls. How can this be happening?

  11. The photos on this blog illustrate perfectly the visual aspects of the area with and without turbines. Our first visit to Cape Bridgewater was only in February this year. We were struck by the incredible beauty of Bridgewater Bay, which would have to be one of the most spectacular bays in Australia, and then by the great imposition of the turbines on the view, whether looking to the east or to the west.
    Of course, this blog can’t portray the terrible impact of the turbine infrasound upon neighbours.
    I really hope we can help improve the turbine noise regulations, and their policing, sooner rather than later, for the sake of those who have industrial wind turbines forced upon them.
    The situation will only get much, much worse if the large number of significantly larger turbines planned for Bulgana and many other places get built.

    • Thank you John for your response and for taking the time to view my blog. Yes I can attempt to portray the visual impacts of Pacific Hydro’s ‘bombardment’ of Cape Bridgewater, but you are right when you say I can’t possibly portray the ludicrous impact of the infrasound factor. It has to be experienced to be believed. And sadly, many of the sceptics have not, and probably never will, experience it first hand. These metal towers should NEVER have been allowed to be constructed so close to people’s homes, people’s lives, people who just simply wanted a ‘quiet life in the country’.

  12. We found your blog. My friends The Hobart family had a lovely home a dream home on 6 acres in falmouth, cape Cod Massachusetts USA
    Three vestas turbines were put up nearby on a hill as the area gets a lot of wind also near a beautiful coastline.
    There was ZERO zoning regs in place and no public comment but lots of federal dollars in rebates. Two were town owned, one privately owned.

    Soon after many people in neighborhood began to suffer from wind turbine syndrome:
    headaches, nausea, dizziness, and perhaps worst of all sleeplessness. And terrible anxiety.
    No one put it all together there was a concerted effort by industry to keep this quiet and deny the health issues and label people who complained as crazy.

    About 6 months after turbines were online there was a block party everyone was complaining about these weird symptoms oh you mean you have that too?

    We finally found Dr. Nina Pierpont and her husband Calvin who were trying to educate people and discover a cause for this horrible problem that was undiagnosed and we see the SAME thing in Vinylhaven, ME, parts of NY, Quebec Canada, Wisconsin, parts of Australia, and many of us have documented our suffering online.

    My youtube channel with interviews by Dr. Nina Pierpont with Falmouth sufferers is WindTurbineSyndrome. ON FB we are fighting new turbine plants in Ocotillo CA, Kent county Maryland, and Alabama. Once they are up the only thing you can do is sue for mitigation for them to be braked at night for sleep. We encourage people to band together start nonprofits get word out have meetings because the developers are well funded and lobby local and state municipalities hard to move forward.

    So after several years of having name raked thru mud, lawsuits, and declining health the dream house property was sold at less than what it was worth and realtor made a clause explaining how people who bought property may become sick on it as disclaimer as legal protection.

    All our complaining once they were up was dismissed. All neighborhood sufferers, good hardworking taxpayers who had never made a peep before about anything, had to be made to be crazy NIMBIES. Victims of green renewable energy craze.

    So we have great compassion for your mother and your family but the only
    way to save herself is to get out of there. There is no getting used to turbines if you are sensitive. I am certain that area had NO ZONING provisions against turbines that is what they look for to ease them in and once they are up that’s 20 years.

    I hope you will make videos showing how invasive these giant things are
    and put on youtube interview your ma how much she suffered. We
    thank you for your blog please do everything you can to get this message
    out widely. People are suffering and having to sell their homes to escape and its so unfair this never should have happened we are called by wind energy “collateral damage”. Even the audio guys who came to the house to record the noise got SICK within 24 hours of entering the house during high wind days.

    My channel on youtube is WindTurbineSyndrome and I have interviews with the Falmouth, MA sufferers and Dr. Nina Pierpont MD.

  13. People may be interested in signing this change.org petition to help protect Shellie and her family from wind farm harm.


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  15. This is so sad to see and even worse to think a human being is suffering who like many people just want to live in peace on this earth. We have been taught for years on how to protect the Earth and now this is ALLOWED to happen over the rights of the people, same happening in Ireland the desecration is unbelievable we have to stay strong and someday soon there will be some government honest enough to speak out.

  16. ” implantation of useless turbines” – that phrase rings so true. There are enough turbines out there to study the industry thoroughly without leaving them in the beautiful and the residential areas. The crux of that problem is, there is no place that these things beautify (imo), and they destroy the beauty of even the ‘unbeautiful’.

    Sigh. As an engineer I am appalled at the persistence in developing such a polluting form of non-dispatchable electricity and selling the credits (at least in our area they admit the electricity goes out in the form of credits, not product) to the highest bidder in a coerced market.

    Thank you.

  17. We found ourselves in the middle of a proposed 131 turbine wind farm. Lies and the corruption are hallmarks of this industry. We fought back but unknown to us there was/is a secret contract penalising our local authority to the tune of $3 million NZ if it gave us any help whatsoever. The years went by and our investment, set aside for the new business we planned for our land, went bankrupt and we lost everything.
    You can peek at the saga at the link below. There’s more to come,


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    Another sad story of people being forced from their home.

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