Tan and Blue

I’ve been experimenting a bit more recently with slightly more ‘extreme’ grading in Photoshop. Generally I tend to be a bit of purist, and try to display images the way they actually were seen at the time, as much as possible. It’s something a wrestle with though, we have these digital images to hand, and all sorts of tools to hand to edit them. Actually I am quite enjoying manipulating these pictures in different ways, and going through some old photos and giving them ‘new life’. I suppose there is nothing wrong with this, some may disagree.

It’s interesting to see the reactions to some of these more heavily processed images. Particularly with this series of Tan & Blue images, on 500px the reaction has been pretty positive, which is nice. As you can see, a set of images taken of the same building, have resulted in quite different palettes, but essentially they are tan & blue.


I wonder why certain colours provoke different reactions. For me, this palette combination conjurs up images of sun, sea & sand…and I particularly like certain shades of blue, some of which always make me think ‘Holland’….blue & yellow seem to feature quite heavily there for some reason.

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~ by fmvt on June 27, 2012.

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